Minor in Public Health

This minor enables preprofessional students to acquire public health knowledge that complements their career paths. The minor is designed for students going into careers other than public health who can benefit from public health knowledge in the delivery of their services. A few examples of these careers include anthropology, dentistry, environmental engineering, health education, medicine, nursing, nutritional sciences, occupational therapy, physician assistant and psychology.


Students must have completed the prerequisites for the BPH program with minimum grades of C to be considered for a minor.

Prerequisites include junior status (60+ credits), a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.0 prerequisite GPA and completion of general college biology (BSC 2005 or 2010), PSY 2012, STA 2023, and one other social and behavioral course.

Only 3000/4000-level courses may be taken in the junior year (60 credits completed). 

Interested students should submit the required UF application to add or cancel a minor. Once you are approved for the minor, an email will be sent out to your UF email to determine which courses you’ll take in which semesters.

Bring application to add or cancel a minor to the Bachelor of Public Health office in the College of Public Health and Health Professions, HPNP 4151 Minors are considered on a space-available basis.


Available Minor Courses

PHC 4101  Public Health Concepts (only required course for the minor)

HSA 3111 US Healthcare Systems

HSC 4930 Ecology of HIV/AIDS in the Rural South

HSC 3502 Diseases and Disabilities 1

PHC 4024 Applied Epidemiology

PHC 4320 Environmental Concepts in Public Health

PHC 3603 Critical Issues in Public Health

PHC 3440 Global Public Health

RCS 4451 Substance Abuse

HSC 4930 Global Diseases and Disabilities

HSC 4930 One Health

HSC 4930 Toxicology in Public Health

HSC 4930 Health Literacy


Students participating in the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration : Public Health see information here.