Opportunities for Student Involvement

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PHHP College Council

Visual Icon for Link to HPCCThe College Council is the primary student organization in the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida.

The purpose of the Council is to promote an interdisciplinary approach to health services, enhance community awareness regarding the different professions within the College, and organize and participate in community service projects. Money raised by the Council supports charitable organizations consistent with the College of Public Health and Health Professions’ mission, student education, and future Council projects. The Council works directly with a faculty advisor and Associate Dean of the College and represents students across the College.

The Undergraduate Public Health Association (UPHA)

Visual Icon for Link to UPHAThe Undergraduate Public Health Association (UPHA) was established in 2016 for students interested in the vast field of public health.

UPHA intends to promote public health through professional development, field experience, and networking.

L.E.A.P Mentorship Program

Visual Icon for Link to LEAPThe L.E.A.P Mentorship Program at the University of Florida was formed in 2014 from the desire to provide mentorship to undergraduate freshman and sophomores intending to enter the Bachelor of Health Science program.

It seeks to provide academic and professional development opportunities for freshman and sophomore students, as well as leadership experience to juniors and seniors hoping to attend graduate and professional schools.