Plan of Study

Approved Plan of Study

You must meet with the program director or his or her designee by the middle of the second term, after admission to the limited access program, to discuss your overall career goals, select remaining elective coursework, and complete a Plan of Study form.  We strongly encourage you to complete the plan in the fall term of the junior year.  This form must be completed by the end of the 8th week of classes in spring term of the junior year.

You should complete a draft of your Plan of Study and bring it to your Plan of Study meeting.  You and the appropriate faculty or professional will complete the Plan of Study form indicating agreement with the course load, elective coursework, and timeline to graduate.  Please be sure you receive a copy of the Plan of Study when it is originally completed and when any changes are made.

  • If you later decide to make changes to your Plan of Study that involve core courses or required electives, you must meet again with your faculty or professional advisor.
  • Changes in general electives may be done independently as long as the change does not negatively impact your progression towards graduation.
    • You are required to graduate upon completion of all College and program requirements. Your graduation term is determined by your Plan of Study.
    • Program extensions require the written permission of the program director and are granted only under very limited circumstances.
  • College and specialty electives listed on the Plan of Study are not guaranteed because courses can fill quickly. Do not wait until your final term to finish your College electives, as the courses you want to take may not be available.