BPH to MPH Combined Degree Option

BPH to MPH Tracking Combined Degree

Being a part of the BPH cohort gives you a special opportunity to track for the MPH when you start your BPH coursework. Traditionally our Combined Degree program allows any bachelors student on campus to take 5 class (15 credits) of graduate MPH coursework, while fulfilling the remainder of their undergraduate requirements. Bachelor of Public Health students are special in that they are able to start the 5 classes during their junior year and track for the Combined Degree early.

Why would a student want to start tracking junior year?

If you know that you want to get an MPH at the University of Florida, then completing 5 courses prior to officially starting the MPH helps you save time and money (we’ll direct you to Student Financial Affairs for those questions). By taking 5 courses starting during your junior year you are able to eliminate quite a bit of redundancy through taking graduate level core coursework.

How it works

  • Apply to the BPH before February 1st your Sophomore year
  • If accepted into the BPH, complete the Combined Degree application by July 1st before your Junior year
  • If accepted into the BPH to MPH Junior Tracking Combined Degree, you will begin graduated courses the Fall of your Junior year
  • During the Spring of your Junior year, update your Combined Degree application (including references, statement and GRE scores) by July 1st before your Senior year
  • If accepted to the MPH Combined Degree, (CONGRATS!) you will continue your graduate course work through your senior year (a total of 15 credits between your junior and senior years).
  • Spring of your Senior year, you will apply to the UF graduate school prior to your BPH graduation
  • You graduate Spring Senior year with your BPH and continue on with your MPH coursework

Any questions contact Dr. Liz Wood