Transfer Students

The application is now closed. Decisions will be sent out by April 1, 2020.

BPH Minimum Requirements

To apply to the BPH program, you must have

  • A minimum 3.0 overall GPA,
  • A minimum 3.0 prerequisite GPA, with a “C” or better in all prerequisite courses,
  • Completed a large majority of prerequisite courses before you apply.
  • Complete a University of Florida application

It is important to note that meeting the minimum GPA requirements does not guarantee you are accepted into the BPH program. Competitive applicants average a 3.5 or higher overall GPA and prerequisite GPA.

Prerequisite Coures

Below you will find the required prerequisite courses. It is important to note that transfer applicants who have not completed all prerequisite courses at the time of their application must send UF updated transcripts once those prerequisite courses are complete and/or when their AA degree is earned. All prerequisites must be complete prior to enrollment at UF.

  1. General College Biology BSC2005 or BSC2010
  2. Statistics STA2023
  3. Six (6) credits of Social and Behavioral Sciences, including PSY2012 as the state core
  4. English Composition ENC1101 and ENC1102
  5. Advanced Professional Writing ENC2210 or ENC3453

Please see the equivalency table at the bottom of this page to see what Florida schools offer which accepted prerequisites.

Application Deadline

February 1st for both Summer B and Fall admissions.

Are there spring admits?

No, the College of Public Health and Health Professions does not admit undergraduate students for the Spring semester.  Our programs only admit students for the Summer B or Fall terms.

What if I miss the deadline?

If you miss the application deadline we will review late applications on a case-by-case basis, but typically the class is filled by students meeting the application deadline.

REMINDER: Two Applications

Students transferring to UF, whether from a state/community college or another University, must apply to both the University of Florida transfer application found on the UF Admissions website and the BPH application. The applications typically open in November and remains open through February 1, the application deadline.


Yes, transfer applicants are required to provide an unofficial transcript as part of the application on the BPH website. PDF files are preferred.

What does “Limited Access” mean?

Limited access means that the program has a limited number of seats available to students. As a result, all students must apply to enter the BPH program in their sophomore year. While each applicant who has met the minimum requirements to apply will be reviewed, the typical accepted student has a 3.5 or higher overall and prerequisite GPA, has completed a large majority of their prerequisite courses, is involved on campus or in the community, has volunteer experience, and clearly articulates why he or she is interested in public health and how they could use a BPH in their career path.

What if I get on the waitlist?

The BPH program uses the Waitlist designation for two purposes. First, being placed on the waitlist can mean that we are enthusiastic about you as an applicant but we need more information before a final decision can be made. Because the application is in early spring semester of the sophomore year, some applicants may be enrolled in or not yet taken some prerequisite courses when they submit their application. Therefore we wait until more information can be gathered before making a decision. Second, applicants may be placed on the waitlist when they are applicants of promise however we are limited in space. While students who are accepted to the BPH program rarely decline their offer, program spaces do occasionally open up for students on this type of waitlist.

What if I’m not admitted to the BPH?

We strongly encourage you to have a back-up plan; we generally recommend that transfer students apply to other schools that offer their majors of interest.

What satisfies the “advanced writing” requirement?

ENC2210/ENC1210. If this course is not offered by your school, please check your school’s catalog to see courses titled “Professional Writing,” “Technical Writing,” or similar. You can also view the equivalency table to see if another course at your school has already been approved.

Can I use AP credit to fulfill my prerequisites?

If you have AP credit for more than 1 major or track prerequisite course, an undergraduate advisor may substitute an alternative, existing course or courses to satisfy any remaining prerequisite requirements. For example, if you received AP credit for Psychology (PSY 2012) and Statistics (STA 2023) you could count either PSY 2012 or STA 2023 towards your prerequisites but not both. However, an advisor can substitute a different psychology course (e.g., Cognitive Psychology) to satisfy the General Psychology prerequisite.


Students with prerequisite math and science courses completed are encouraged to retake these courses at UF. At minimum, retake the highest level of the course sequence that is available. However, the need to retake courses depends greatly on the professional program of interest. This can be discussed in more detail during your advising appointment(s).

When are admissions decisions released?

Students are typically notified of admissions decisions within three months, with most decisions being released by mid-April. However, there are a variety of factors that affect the timing of notifications. For example, it is common for us to hold a large number of applications until spring grades are available.

Have you had a bad semester in the past?

Although you are expected to meet the minimal GPA requirements, there are choices you can make to strengthen your application. If you did poorly in a course or courses that you normally are strong in, take a more advanced course or courses to show you can do the work. The admissions committee does take into account your pattern of performance over time.

If there is something you think it would be helpful for the admissions committee to know, then include an explanation with your application. The admission committee will consider that information in the context of the consistency of your performance in different semesters. If you are having medical or interpersonal issues affecting your academic performance, the most important thing you can do is get the right help. Be responsible and ensure you are addressing the issues creating the academic concerns. In addition, sometimes students have learning disabilities that are not diagnosed until college. If you suspect this might be part of any academic struggles, consult your school’s Disability Resource Center.

How to Apply

The 2020 Application is now closed. The Fall 2021 application will open November 2020.

NOTE: This application will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. It includes a required essay of 450 words.
A UFID is REQUIRED. If you do not have a UFID, please obtain one prior to filling in your application
You can come and go into the application as you wish. Remember to save each section/page by hitting the “Next” button at the bottom. The system automatically looks for a combination of your UFID, Last Name and Date of Birth fields to retrieve previously stored applications (if any).

Course Equivalencies: Transfer Credits for BPH Prereqs

Community CollegesLocationPSY2012DEP3053CLP3144BSC2005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210/ENC3453
Eastern Florida State CollegeCocoaPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSCC1005/BSCC1010STA2023ENC2210
Broward CollegeFort LauderdalePSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
College of Central FloridaOcalaPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
Chipola CollegeMariannaPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
Daytona State CollegeDaytona BeachPSY1012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC1010CSTA2023ENC2210
Florida State College at JacksonvilleJacksonvillePSY1012DEP2004N/ABSC1005/BSC2010CSTA2023ENC2210
Florida Keys Community CollegeKey WestPSY2012DEP2004CLP3160BSC1005/BSC1010STA2023GEB3213
Gulf Coast State CollegePanama CityPSY2012DEP2004N/ABSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
Hillsborough Community CollegeTampaPSY2012DEP1004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
Indian River State CollegeFort PiercePSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
Florida Gateway CollegeLake CityPSY2012DEP2004N/ABSC1005/BSC2010CSTA2023ENC1210
Florida SouthWestern State CollegeFort MeyersPSY2012DEP2004N/ABSC1005/BSC1010STA2023ENC3310
Lake-Sumter State CollegeLeesburgPSY2012DEP2004N/ABSC1005/BSC1010CSTA2023ENC2210
Miami Dade CollegeMiamiPSY2012DEP2000CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2300
North Florida Community CollegeMadisonPSY2012DEP2004CLP1140BSC1005C/BSC1010CSTA2023OST2335*
Northwest Florida CollegeNicevillePSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC1010CSTA2023ENC2210
Palm Beach State CollegeLake WorthPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC1010STA2023ENC1210
Pensacola State CollegePensacolaPSY2012DEP2004N/ABSC1005/BSC1010STA2023ENC1210
Polk State CollegeWinter HavenPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005C/BSC1010CSTA2023ENC2210
Sante Fe CollegeGainesvillePSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC2005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
Seminole State CollegeSanfordPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010CSTA2023ENC1210
South Florida State CollegeAvon ParkPSY2012DEP1004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC1010CSTA2023ENC2210
St. Johns River State CollegePalatkaPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
St. Petersburg CollegeSt. PetersburgPSY1012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
State College of FloridaBradentonPSY2012DEP2004N/ABSC1005C/BSC2010CSTA2023ENC2210
Tallahassee Community CollegeTallahasseePSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
Valencia CollegeOrlandoPSY2012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC1010CSTA2023ENC1210
State UniversitiesLocationPSY2012DEP3053CLP3144BSC2005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210/ENC3453
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical UniversityTallahasseePSY2012DEP2004CLP4143BSC1005/BSC1010STA2023ENC2210
Florida Atlantic UniversityBoca RatonPSY1012DEP3053CLP4144BSC1005/BSC1010STA2023ENC2248/ENC3213
Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFt. MyersPSY2012DEP2004CLP4143BSC1005/BSC1010STA2023ENC3250/ENC3310
Florida International UniversityMiamiPSY2012DEP2000CLP4134BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC3213
Florida State UniversityTallahasseePSY2012DEP3305/DEP4404CLP4143BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2135/ENC3310
Pasco-Hernando Community CollegeNew Port RicheyPSY1012DEP2004CLP2140BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
University of Central FloridaOrlandoPSY2012DEP2004CLP3143BSC1005/BSC2010CSTA2023ENC3241/ENC3250
University of North FloridaJacksonvillePSY2012DEP3054CLP4143BSC1005C/BSC1010CSTA2023ENC2210
University of South FloridaTampaPSY2012DEP4053CLP4143BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC2210
University of West FloridaPensacolaPSY2012DEP2004CLP3144BSC1005/BSC2010STA2023ENC3213