Public Health Scholars Program @ Columbia University

I wanted to share some of my photos from my summer experience with you. This summer I was selected out of well-over a 1000 applicants to participate in the Summer Public Health Scholars Program at Columbia University. At the end of summer program, my cohort and I got the opportunity to visit the CDC. In addition, I also had the opportunity to present research at the College of Problems on Drug Dependence (CPDD) conference in Texas earlier in the summer with the help of my research mentor Dr. Johnson.

My summer was such a transformative one and I was able to meet life-long colleagues who are so supportive. Time indeed flew by and now the whole thing kinda feels like a dream. I’m just so happy that I got to have such an amazing, trying, emotional and fulfilling experience. It was definitely the experience I needed before my senior year. I’ve included some pictures below :).

~Sashawn Lawrence, BPH ’20