Spring 2019 Graduation


Letters from our Grads!

I was the typical pre-med student, biology major and all. When I was introduced to the field of Public Health through an internship I was automatically attracted to its values, practicality, and need. When I wanted to change my major to Public Health but remain pre-med, everyone questioned my decision. “Why would you do that? Isn’t that for people who want to do health care administration? Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of medicine” I believe in the nexus between public health and medicine and therefore, I stuck to my gut and applied to the BPH program. I was met with the most fulfilling and productive years at the University of Florida. Finally, I was meeting students who had similar interests to me, understood that healthcare was not about monetary gains, and that health is all around us. Finally, my professors and program directors were interested in my goals and aspirations and encouraged me to think about critical issues in the world, not just in public health. Finally, I felt that my time at UF made sense for my future. I am incredibly thankful and proud to be a graduate of the BPH program and know that because of my education, I will be a more competent and caring public health physician. 

Thank you and Dr. Wood for the best years at UF! 😊

~Sarah Fleischman, BPH ’19

Akil-Winston Reynolds, BPH ’19 at the Spring Commencement Ceremony @ The Swamp!