New Environmental & Global Health Elective

Published: June 28th, 2017

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New elective from the EGH Department at the College of Public Health and Health Professions for Fall 2017!

PHC 4930 Special Topics: environmental toxicology Applications in Public Health

What do Socrates, Cleopatra, and Marie Currie have in common?  They all succumbed to poisonous chemicals. 

We are constantly surrounded by substances that are essential for life, yet could easily poison us.  Do you want to learn more about the science of poisons, also known as toxicology?    Do you want to know how toxicologists study the effects of chemicals and work to ensure public safety?  If so, consider taking PHC4930/6937: Environmental Toxicology Applications in Public Health.  This course will examine the history of environmental toxicology, where chemicals go when they get into our environment, how toxic chemicals affect our bodies, and the means by which public health practitioners assess chemical toxicity and risk to human health and the environment.  The course will be taught in an online format using lectures, case studies, and video discussions to explore the field of environmental toxicology.


For more information about Environmental Toxicology Applications in Public Health Contact Joseph Bisesi, PhD


Phone: (352) 294-4703


To enroll, contact Meredith Nappy